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May J

Christian Family Solutions has launched a new webpage focused on teens.


“Real Questions, Real Solutions" offers answers from CFS counselors to real questions that teens are asking about anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional health concerns. Visit submit your questions and read the responses to inquiries from other teens.

Christian Family Solutions has launched a new webpage focused on teens.2023-05-05T07:18:01-05:00

March J

March Newsletter from CFS


“I’m so stressed out! How can I manage it?” Helping Teens Work Through Stress By Kara Witthuhn, School-Based Counselor When we talk about stress, we often refer to it as negative. However, in many situations, stress is a good thing. Stress prompts the body to power up extra resources. Stress activates chemical responses that enable focus, strength, stamina, speed, alertness, and boosts memory. Stress gives us an energy upgrade to respond to the task at hand and pushes us to step out of our comfort zone into opportunities to learn and grow. God made us with the ability to endure and [...]

March Newsletter from CFS2023-03-03T14:15:11-06:00

February J

February Newsletter from CFS


How do I know if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy? By Kara Witthuhn, School-Based Counselor Great question, because how you navigate romantic relationships early in life has lifelong impact. Healthy relationships provide social and emotional growth and can help you develop into an adult who has healthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships, however, risk detrimental impact on your physical health, happiness, and overall well-being. Healthy relationships are energizing, inspire growth, and demonstrate mutual respect and caring. A healthy relationship allows you to be yourself, bringing all your flaws and strengths to the table, while accepting the other person for who they are [...]

February Newsletter from CFS2023-03-03T14:16:15-06:00
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