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WLA recognizes that parents are our students’ first teachers. We are thankful that in nearly 100 years of Christian education, generations of parents have been willing to allow us to assist them in the Christian education of their children. Preparing young minds for a life of service to their Savior, Jesus Christ, is truly a Calling for our teachers, and we are excited to assist you in guiding your children into their adult years.

The WLA Guidance Department specifically exists to prepare our students for life after high school. The first step in this preparation is to assist parents in planning and executing a well-rounded, personalized education that prepares the student for a life of service to Christ in many God-pleasing occupations. As each student progresses through their four year journey at WLA, we will also assist your family as you examine opportunities for further schooling at a college or university, direct entry into the workforce, the United States military, or preparations for direct service to the Church as a pastor, teacher, or staff minister at one of our Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod ministerial training schools. Of additional importance is to provide students with counseling that makes them aware of best practices for financing a higher education through federal or private loans, scholarships, or grants.

From the first day of a WLA student’s high school experience until graduation day, significant time will be dedicated to ensure that the courses they select will not only suit their projected career pathway, but also provide information on alternative pathways should aspirations change along the way to graduation day. WLA also bolsters our course catalog through partnerships with both online high schools and colleges, some of which can provide college credit prior to high school graduation. Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship Program is another method through which our students may receive on-the-job training, receive a paycheck, and earn high school credits toward graduation.

We are confident that the Christ-centered education offered at WLA has much to offer to your family. Please examine our website and contact us for more information.

In service to Christ’s Kingdom,

Jeremy Thiesfeldt
Guidance & Registration Coordinator
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Guidance Department Timeline

9th Grade

At the earliest stages of high school our students are building an academic foundation of general, traditional courses with a few elective options to enhance that foundation.  Each student is assigned a homeroom teacher who will oversee their 4-year journey through the Academy.  This teacher will visit with the student and their family before school begins to provide some familiarity and ease those “first-year jitters.”  The homeroom teacher will also provide the most immediate guidance for course selection, and will closely follow the student’s academic progress and extracurricular choices.  During the first year students will be introduced to a deliberative process of identifying their God-given strengths and using this information to explore post-high school options.

10th Grade

During this school year students begin to narrow their post-high school plans.  The selections available to them in the course catalog begin to widen allowing students to begin customization of their credit selection which may include opportunity for limited online instruction.  Homeroom teachers remain actively involved in students’ academic progress, but the Guidance Department begins to take on a larger advisory role in course selection as well as preparation for the years following their graduation from WLA.

11th Grade

In the third year the course catalog opens wide for the WLA student.  Our students have a great deal of flexibility to select courses in their schedule that suit their preferences and prepare them for the next steps after graduation.  Students begin to have small group meetings with the Guidance Department to learn of the process of preparing for higher education whether it be at a college, university, or technical school.  The option of taking Advanced Placement courses and participating in Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship Program are available for the third year students as well.  Online courses now have the option of seeking dual credit with a partner college.  In the fall of the year, students seriously contemplating higher education will be encouraged to take the PSAT/NMSQT in preparation for the SAT or ACT which are required for admission by most schools of higher education.

12th Grade

Graduation year is the culmination of 3 years of preparation for life after high school.  Most WLA students have historically used their final year of high school to prepare for higher education at a four-year college or university.  However, a growing number of students have been choosing the route of a trade school, technical college, or direct entry into the workforce.  Students are also given the opportunity to explore service in the US military.  Much attention will be devoted to individual meetings with the Guidance Department.  In these meetings students will learn the process for applying for acceptance to the school(s) of their choice, as well as how to finance their college education through scholarships, loans, and grants.  It is the goal of the Guidance Department that each student has created a clearly defined plan before graduation from WLA.

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